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cassiavera / cinnamon / kulit kayu manis

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Pack. & Delivery:box / gunny
Specification:SINGGALANGCASSIA is a company which produces focus cassiavera / cinnamon. Raw materials originating from West Sumatera and Kerinci which grows along the Bukit Barisan, Sumatera ( Singgalang Mountain Merapi and Mountain) .
Cassiavera from Kerinci and West Sumater and well known in the world who has a taste of sweet and hot with the oil content of 1 - 3.5.
We produce a form of packaging and semi-finished materials.
Our Products:
AA Premium ( average diameter 1 cm)
AA Regular ( average diameter 1.5 cm)
AA Jumbo ( average diameter of 2 cm)
AA Long Stick ( length 15 cm - 60 cm)
Cutting AA
KABC ( KA Broken Cleaned)
KBBC ( KB Broken Cleaned)
I also invite the businessmen who want to invest to develop this business.
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Company Contact
Name:Mr. Aznil [Director/CEO/General Manager]
Instant Messaging:
Y!: ir_aznil@yahoo.com Y!: ir_aznil
Windows Live: ir_aznil@yahoo.com ir_aznil@yahoo.com
Google Talk:  ir_aznil@yahoo.com  ir_aznil@yahoo.com
Mobile Number:081267046006
Phone Number:081267046006
Fax Number:081267046006
Address:Komplek Pasar Bukit Surungan No. 45
Padang Panjang, Bukittinggi, Sumatera Barat
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